Dine-in at Shila Kitchen Balmain

Delectable Persian Dishes With A “Mum-Made” Touch


Our kitchen offers a wide range of authentic Persian dishes, cooked fresh each day with new ingredients for that intimate "homemade" touch.

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Served everyday from 8am to 11am

Persian Tomato Omelette (VG)
With feta cheese, green salad, black olives and slices of cucumber, served with fresh Barbari bread and our house-made jam of the day.

Spicy Mirza Omelette (VG)
Scrambled eggs with mirza, green salad, black olives and slices of cucumber, served with fresh Barbari bread and our house-made jam of the day.

Nargesi (VG)
Fried eggs with spinach garnished with somaq, home-made pickles and house-made jam of the day. Served with fresh Barbari bread.

40 Thieves of Baghdad
Omelette made of bacon, feta cheese, walnuts, tomato, olives, parsley and onion garnished with sesame and date, served with Barbari bread.

Smashed avocado on Persian toast (VG)
Garnished with Persian feta and sesame.

Boreks from the Patisserie
- Cheese & Spinach
- Minced Beef
- Potato & Leek
- Cherry

For Kids
- Toasted banana bread served with Persian fairy floss
- Butter & Jams
- Scrambled Eggs

Entrée/to share

Served everyday from 11am to 3pm

Baba Ganoush (V)
Mashed cooked eggplant with tahini and garlic, finished with parsley and olive oil.

Kashk Bademjoon (VG)
Caramelised onion and mashed eggplant slow cooked with fermented yoghurt, finished with fried dried mint and walnuts.

Mirza (V)
Charred eggplant crushed with tomato then slow-cooked with garlic.

Spicy Hummus (V)
Cooked mashed chickpeas with tahini and lemon juice finished with spicy vegetable oil.

Maast Khiar (VG)
Creamy yoghurt with cucumber, dried mint, walnuts, finished with black currant and rose petals.

Maast Moosir (VG)
Creamy yoghurt and Iranian shallots finished with sumac and olive oil.

Spinach Borani (VG)
Creamy yoghurt with spinach, and caramelised onion finished with olive oil.

Have with bread

Persian Koofteh (GF optional)
A meatball of split peas, rice, minced beef, and fresh herbs; slow-cooked in a traditional tomato sauce and served with olives and fresh Afghan bread.

Shahrzad’s Plate (Spicy – optional)
Chef’s selection of vine leaves, a slice of Kuku Sabzi; olives, and Shirazi salad on a bed of hummus – garnished with somaq and chilli oil and served with crispy pita bread.

Have with saffron rice

Halloumi Stew (VG)(GF)
Cannellini beans and halloumi cheese slow-cooked in dill, garlic, and turmeric sauce served with saffron rice and sides.

Lamb Gheimeh Stew (GF)
Slow cooked lamb with split peas, tomato sauce, Omani lime, rose water and turmeric served with saffron rice and sides.

Beef Ghourmet Sabzi Stew (GF)
Slow-cooked beef with Persian herbs, Omani lime, kidney beans and turmeric served with saffron rice and sides.

Mushrooms and Celery Stew (V)(GF)
Mushrooms and celeries slow-cooked with cannellini beans in saffron, parsley, and mint sauce served with saffron rice and sides.

Chicken Barberry Rice
Chicken Maryland slow cooked with turmeric, garlic and tomatoes served with saffron rice, garnished with barberries, slivered orange peel and pistachio.

Chicken Fesenjoon & Rice (GF)
Chicken Maryland slow cooked in traditional walnut pomegranate sauce served with saffron rice.

Eggplant & Sour Grape Stew
Slow-cooked eggplant, unripened grapes, and tomatoes in a blend of onions, lemon juice, and turmeric sauce. Served with saffron rice and sides.

Plum & Spinach Stew
Slow-cooked Bukhara plum and spinach in a verjuice, turmeric, and caramelized onion sauce. Served with saffron rice and sides.

Carrot & Prune Stew
Tender carrots, prunes and walnuts, slow-cooked in a flavorful blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and caramelized onions. Served with saffron rice and sides.

From the grill

Koobideh Bowl (GF)
A skewer of minced lamb with grilled tomato, chopped parsley-onion, and yoghurt on a bowl of rice.

Dine like a King (GF optional)
Grilled mix platter of 3 choices of skewers; saffron chicken fillet; minced lamb; saffron chicken wings; served on Lavash bread with grilled tomatoes.

Saffron Chicken Bowl (GF)
A skewer of saffron chicken fillet with grilled tomato, Shirazi salad, and yoghurt on a bowl of rice.


Herbs and spices are irreplaceable in Persian drinks, helping uplift one’s mental and physical state while aiding in issues such as digestion, anxiety, and inflammation. Cinnamon, cardamom, and the culture’s “red crimson” (saffron) are commonplace, blended to unique fusions of sweet and savoury flavours. Bask yourself in the refreshing aromas of our teahouse drinks – a perfect partner for any main dish.

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Black, Green, Herbal & Ice Tea

Black Tea
Persian Classic Tea
Earl Grey Tea
English Breakfast Tea
Sydney Breakfast Tea
Cardamom Tea
Cinnamon Tea
Saffron Tea
Chai Latte

Herbal Tea
Magic Tea
Persian black tea, honey, ginger, fresh lemon
Hibiscus Herbal Tea
With rose petals and nabat
Borage & Orange Blossom
With Omani lime and nabat
Apple & Cinnamon
With hibiscus, rose petals, and earl grey
Quince, Ginger & Cinnamon
Saffron Infusion
Lemongrass & Ginger
Chamomile & Omani Lim

Green Tea
Orange Blossom, Peppermint Green
Jasmin Green
Mint & Lime Green
Cardamom Green
Matcha Latte

Ice Tea
Cinnamon & Cardamom
Hibiscus & Rose water

Traditional Coffees

Turkish Coffee
Strong short black, packed with caffeine

Persian Coffee
Light and creamy

Espresso Coffee

Natural Spirits

Eden Spring
Lightly sparkled distillation of bitter orange flower and Egyptian willow. (Potential relaxation/anti-anxiety effects with improvements to your digestive system.)

Distillation of Egyptian willow, dog rose, rose water, and flixweed seeds. (Potential relaxation/anti-anxiety, blood-purifying, and skin rejuvenation effects.)

Fresh mint essence and vinegar on ice, served with Pellegrino sparkling water. (Potential gallbladder cleansing effects; may help relieve headaches.)

Forest Drop
Lightly-sparkled distillation of fumitory and chicory. (Potential liver detox effects; may help to control blood pressure and balance blood sugar.)

Fruit juices

Red Grape
Sour Cherry
Green Apple


Treat yourself to our divine range of authentic Persian pastries – whether you’re after dessert, a coffee match, or simply looking to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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Cakes & Cookies

Persian Love Cake - Baked by our very own chefs. Our Semolina cakes are also a popular bestseller.

Cookies - A varied selection of cookies and biscuits, including date, almond, walnut, and butter flavours.

Sweets & Patisserie

Baklavas - An authentic selection of Baklavas supplied by a local Turkish family. Choices include traditional, Kadayf, sweet cheese, Nutella, and white chocolate flavours.

Turkish Delights - Turkish delights (baslogh) in a wide variety of flavours, including: rose; ginger; hazelnut; mint; and vanilla.

Date Slice - A healthy sweet from South Iran, also known as “raginak”. Made with sweet, chewy dates, toasted walnuts, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Halvas - A sweet made of nuts, sesame seed paste, sugar, various spices, and a chewy, fudge-like texture. A dessert staple of Persian culture.